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Key West Worlds Finale Race 4: Broadco Comes Through to Win Superboat Class

November 9, 2014
Written by Jason Johnson for​

For any of the frontrunners of the Superboat class to be able to take home the world championship ahead of the Broadco team, several things needed to happen during the Super Boat International Key West Offshore World Championships in Key West, Fla. Fortunately for Chuck Broadus and Grant Bruggemann, none of those things happened as the driver and throttleman of Broadco earned the world championship in Broadus' 40-foot MTI by taking first place in Sunday's race.

​"We had a great day today—it was definitely a race of attrition," Bruggemann said minutes after returning to the race pits. "Chuck drove a great race and I throttled that thing as hard as I could. We're so happy with the outcome. And you know what? Most people think the MTIs aren't that good in the rough, but that 40-foot MTI is fantastic. Besides a fuel pump problem we had toward the end of the race, we didn't have any problems.

"That was a fun race," he continued. "We had a couple of closely contested laps with WHM Motorsports. They passed us, we passed them and then they passed us again before they had some problems and dropped out." ​​


Key West Friday Race 4 Wrap-Up: Broadco Doesn’t Flinch

November 7, 2014
Written by Matt Trulio for​

What began as the closest contest of the day at the Super Boat International Offshore World Championships in Key West, Fla., ended with an ultimately dominant performance by the Broadco team of owner/driver Chuck Broaddus and throttle/crew chief Grant Bruggemann in their Superboat-class 40-foot MTI catamaran. The early close battle between Broadco and WHM Motorsports, a brand new 40-foot Skater catamaran owned and driven by Billy Mauff and throttled by Jay Muller for all intents and purposes ended with WHM's spin in the Mallory Square turn. (Still, the WHM's spinout didn't prevent Mauff and Muller, who throttled Talbot Excavating to first-place Stock-class finish earlier today, from working their way back and finishing third behind Team AMSOIL's Bob Teague and Paul Whittier.)

"Broadco had a great day," said Bruggemann. "We nailed the setup, had a great start and left everybody in the dust. WHM was behind us for a while, so we just concentrated on our racing lines. In the harbor turn, I could see WHM in my mirror going through our wash. They spun it around but stayed right side up, and then they were running again. We're just so happy—we couldn't do it with our sponsors Gearhead Haircuts, Ilmor Marine, Broadco and PODs."


​November 13, 2014

Team Broadco's Chuck Broaddus (driver) and Grant Bruggemann (throttles) take a 2nd on Wednesday, and the checkered flag on Friday and Sunday to win the 2014 Key West Super Boat International World Championship, Super Boat class.

Team Broadco’s Practical Approach to Winning the World Title

November 14, 2014
Written by Eric Colby for Performance​ Boats Magazine

Ever since Grant Bruggemann shocked the offshore racing world by ending his eight-year relationship with Team Stihl to join Chuck Broadus in the cockpit of the 40’ MTI, Broadco, he took a systematic approach to improving the performance of the boat and then, more importantly, the team.

“Chuck never applied any pressure to me that we have to win,” said Bruggeman. “I said, ‘Let’s concentrate on our own program and keep testing the boat you have and once we have that, then we work on the team in the boat.’”

The team improved all season, capturing a couple of checkered flags and challenging eventual national champion Stihl in every race, but the approach worked at the 2014 Super Boat International Offshore World Championships when Broadco won the title in the Superboat Class earlier this month in Key West, Fla. After missing just slightly on the boat’s setup and finishing second in the first of three races on Wednesday, November 5, Bruggemann and Broadus showed the team’s and the boat’s capabilities in Friday’s calm conditions and Sunday’s rough-water slugfest, winning both days to take the title in convincing fashion.